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Platform Partners

A Better Way to Serve Clients and Members

In guiding your clients or members on supply chain diversification strategies and cost savings initiatives, are you frustrated at the lack of sourcing options outside of their main wholesaler?

Could you offer hospitals, pharmacies, or clinics more value with a single ordering solution that aggregates manufacturers and distributors who can supplement your client or member’s primary wholesaler purchases?

Meet GraphiteRx

GraphiteRx partners with organizations that help hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics to manage healthcare purchasing. 

We offer a modern “marketplace in a box” that is co-branded with the partner, to support a seamless end-to-end order-to-cash process between buyers and sellers.

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Marketplace Benefits

As the partner you define the value proposition of the co-branded marketplace for your clients or members and decide which suppliers participate, and GraphiteRx manages everything else!

  • Vendor Integration

  • Catalog and Pricing Management

  • Roster Eligibility

  • Trade Credit Underwriting, Risk and Receivables Management

  • Order Management and Automated Status Updates

  • Reporting and Collection of Vendor Fees

  • Compliance

  • Customer Support

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Contact us today to learn more about how

GraphiteRx can power your branded marketplace platform

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