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Increase Revenue and Expand Access to Your Products

Offer your products to a fast-growing network of hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics who need a better way to purchase products outside of their primary wholesaler

The Big Three Wholesalers Have Stacked the Deck in Their Favor

Manufacturers, especially smaller ones, pay exorbitant fees through traditional wholesale distribution, impacting pricing competitiveness and profitability. However, selling direct to customers to reduce distribution costs is challenging and requires resources that manufacturers lack.

Smaller distributors carry competitively priced products and have access to drug shortage items but struggle selling to customers who do not want to set up accounts and order from dozens of separate suppliers. 

GraphiteRx solves these challenges with a modern marketplace platform that allows suppliers to increase sales to hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics, cost-effectively

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Why Join Graphite Marketplace?
  • Access a rapidly growing number of over 1K hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics that use GraphiteRx to manage over $500M in purchasing outside of their primary wholesaler

  • Maintain full control over the catalog of products and pricing that you offer on the marketplace, without the hassle of cumbersome RFPs or punitive provisions

  • Simplify operations with seamless EDI automation to support the full order-to-cash process, including integration with your internal or 3PL fulfillment team

  • Eliminate customer credit risk and be assured with a predicable payment guaranteed by GraphiteRx, regardless of when or if a customer pays their invoice

  • Ensure compliance with buyer license verification and pedigree (DSCSA) requirements

  • Easily integrate with other platforms powered by GraphiteRx that you choose to participate in

Learn more about joining Graphite Marketplace today

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