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Powering Commerce in Healthcare

Enabling hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics to increase access to and lower the costs of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

The “One Size Fits All” of the
Traditional Wholesale Distribution Channel,
Doesn’t Fit for All

  • The cost of distribution with the Big Three wholesalers is high, especially for smaller manufacturers, which leads to higher prices for customers.

  • Smaller hospitals, independent pharmacies, and clinics pay higher prices and do not always have the same access to products as their larger peers.

  • Manufacturers have to take on the operational, financial, and compliance burdens of setting up direct accounts to ensure that providers have proper access to their products.

  • Sourcing directly from dozens to hundreds of suppliers is time-consuming and hard for providers who prefer the efficiency of aggregating ordering with a limited number of suppliers.

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Leveling the Playing Field for Providers and Suppliers

We partner with manufacturers, distributors, and organizations that help providers manage spend (like GPOs) to ensure hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics can reduce costs and access products, seamlessly

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Value for Hospitals, Pharmacies and Clinics

Graphite Marketplace for Providers

Over 1K hospitals, pharmacies and clinics use a platform powered by GraphiteRx to manage over $500M in spend on:

  • Drug shortage products

  • Higher cost, lower volume brands and generics

  • Specialty lite, biosimilars, vaccines and rare disease drugs

  • Medical devices and supplies sold directly by manufacturers

Expanding Access for Suppliers

Graphite Marketplace for Suppliers

Suppliers leverage GraphiteRx to increase sales and better serve customers with an efficient and modern marketplace platform:

  • Seamless order to cash solution integrating standard EDI technologies

  • Full control of catalog offering and pricing with no RFPs or punitive provisions

  • Predictable payment guaranteed without customer credit risk

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Enabling Partners to Better Serve Clients & Members

GraphiteRx for Platform Partners

GraphiteRx partners with organizations to help their provider clients and members gain better access and save money by managing purchasing through a single co-branded ordering marketplace platform

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