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Direct Drug Procurement


GraphiteRx simplifies all direct (non-wholesaler) pharma procurement by consolidating it onto a cost-effective, cloud-based technology and service platform that improves productivity, visibility, compliance, and value.


All your direct pharma procurement consolidated on a

single cost-effective platform

Direct and non-wholesaler drug purchasing is manual, fragmented, and inefficient - making it costly and unproductive for hospitals and health systems. Ever wished it could be... better?

It's why we created GraphiteRx.  


Our customers believe that the time, money, and resources spent managing direct purchasing can be used more effectively on higher priorities, like improving patient care and satisfaction. That's why we built a platform that combines technology and service to consolidate and streamline the purchasing process, giving you the visibility to easily manage your formulary.


We make direct pharma procurement simpler and more cost effective, so you can do more.


Why GraphiteRx 




  • Consolidate All
    Non-Wholesaler Purchasing

  • Streamline End-to-End Procurement Process

  • Designed By-Pharma-for-Pharma for Optimal Workflows

  • Comprehensive Item-Level Information Across Suppliers

  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics at Your Fingertips

  • Control Formulary and Direct Spend Like Never Before

  • 3-Way Match Invoice Approvals

  • Budget Management

  • Optional ERP Integration

  • Cost Effective & Lets You Do More with Less

  • Reduce IT System Costs and Eliminate Burden on IT

  • Enables Resources to Focus on Higher Value Priorities

Increase Productivity and Value

Our platform lets you manage the purchasing process, from end to end. From ordering and receiving, to invoice approval and budget management, GraphiteRx allows you to manage everything in one place.


Designed by pharma experts, our platform has an intuitive user interface with pharmacy-specific workflows, eliminating the error-prone, costly, chaotic combination of paper, email, fax, phone, and web. Developed with your staff in mind, GraphiteRx is purpose-built for collaboration, allowing your team to seamlessly balance workload and easily cover for each other when someone is out of the office.


Visibility to Optimize and Control Your Formulary

With GraphiteRx, you finally have complete control of your formulary. Using our platform alongside your wholesaler portal, you can manage all pharmacy purchases for the first time with only two systems: your wholesaler portal for your primary needs and GraphiteRx for all the rest!


With line-item tracking at the NDC level, including pricing, we aggregate your entire non-wholesaler purchasing, providing unmatched visibility with comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Gone are the days of tracking down data from multiple sources only to then have to standardize files to make sense of it all. With all non-wholesaler purchases consolidated in one solution, you have the visibility to optimize and control your formulary at your fingertips in real-time.


Flexibility Made to Order 

We know that purchasing at a single hospital, specialty or retail pharmacy or across a health system or pharmacy chain can be centralized, decentralized, or anything in between - so we created GraphiteRx with unparalleled flexibility, to be able to meet the needs of any configuration. However you structure your purchasing, our workflows, reporting and analytics give you the ability to manage your direct formulary like you never thought possible.


Regulatory and Financial Compliance

GraphiteRx ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and your company’s financial controls without a complex, costly, and heavy IT system implementation. 


We also enable financial controls like order limits, formulary restrictions, budget management, three-way match invoice approvals, and reporting to ensure that direct purchases comply with your internal requirements and guidelines.


GraphiteRx can also communicate with your ERP system, to give you the ease of use and functionality of our platform while maintaining compliance with internal financial systems.  


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