Great Customer Experience Is
A Win-Win for Everyone 

Save time and money, while delighting your pharmacy customers

They expect it from suppliers outside of their full-line wholesaler. Yet, many non-wholesaler suppliers lack the resources to meet this standard. And, even suppliers who invest significantly in their technology face a “market” problem: For customers, buying from multiple different suppliers is a pain — slow, complex and time-consuming. 

That’s why we created a one-stop marketplace platform that makes it easier for your customers to do business with you, with a level of experience they expect.

Save time & money

Easier order management

Simple & secure data sharing

Value-added solutions

Flexible freemium pricing model

Benefits for Suppliers

Many pharmacies and clinics have grown accustomed to the easy ordering and data sharing experience from their full-line wholesaler channel.

Join a marketplace platform that serves pharmacies,

clinics and suppliers

Deliver better customer experiences today!

Preferred Contact Method

I wanted a platform where we could place all of our direct orders like I would on Amazon, or as we do with our wholesaler. That’s what excites us about GraphiteRx!

– Head of Pharmacy Procurement, Academic Hospital System

501 Union Street, Suite 600B

Nashville, TN 37219


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