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Pharmacy Procurement & Distribution, Reimagined

A marketplace technology platform that makes it easy 

for pharmacies and suppliers to work together

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Purchasing outside of the full-line wholesaler is complicated!

Most of your orders go through a full-line wholesaler - but what about the 10-20% that don't? 

Specialty and shortage drugs, 503B compounds and other pharmacy supplies must be purchased directly from a supplier. That means a lot of faxes, phone calls, emails and portals to manage...  

Why GraphiteRx?


Order Management

Streamline ordering outside your primary wholesalers. Your buyers can create and track orders, plus receive vendor notifications and order status updates – all from one screen.

Product Discovery

Browse products from premium suppliers to reduce shortages and find potential cost-saving opportunities.

In-Depth Reporting

Leverage on-demand reports and interactive dashboards to gain better visibility into all aspects of your purchases.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support is like an extension of your team and is here to help, when needed.

Give your team a better

buying experience 

I wanted a platform where we could place all of our direct orders - like I would on Amazon, or with our wholesaler. That’s what excites us about GraphiteRx!

– Head of Pharmacy Procurement, Academic Hospital System

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