Direct Pharmacy Procurement & Distribution, Made Easy

Transforming the way pharmacies and suppliers do business, together.


Today, the old way of purchasing is broken

Direct procurement outside the full-line wholesaler is complex, fragmented, opaque, and full of waste. 

This poses many challenges for pharmacies, clinics and suppliers

          Ineffective transactions

          Lack of data visibility 

          Compliance exposure

          Sub-optimal workflows 

          Financial loss 

Inefficiency and waste is crippling healthcare. A technology-driven, open marketplace approach can fix this!


A modern pharmacy marketplace makes buying, selling easier

Welcome to smarter, faster, more collaborative and compliant pharmacy procurement & distribution.

A Win-Win Model

Save Time & Money

Increase Sales

Better Customer Experience

Data Visibility

Driving Sourcing Value


Pharmacies & Clinics


No Cost To Use

Freemium Model


The Pharmacy Marketplace Platform

Pharmacies can leverage GraphiteRx to purchase from over a hundred suppliers outside of their full-line wholesaler

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