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Borrow & Loan is a FREE service that helps pharmacies and health systems mitigate COVID-19 drug shortages!


Sign up today to post or find excess

inventory of critical medications.

What is Borrow & Loan

An excess inventory marketplace 

Verified pharmacies and health systems can post their excess inventory or search our listings if they have procurement needs

Compliance Friendly 

T3 documentation and "emergent patient need" designations are integrated into our transaction process

Trackable & Traceable 

We provide transfer documentation for each transaction, both inbound and outbound

How it works


1. Post Your Product

Once your pharmacy is registered and verified, you

can begin posting your

excess inventory 

2. Search Our Listings

Pharmacies in our verified network can search for the products they need most

3. Connect With a Buyer

Verified buyers can contact you through your listing, either by phone or email

4. Transfer Your Product

Use our Transfer Document generator when your product is ready to be shipped.  T3 information will be included

We invite you to join this new alliance and help mitigate drug shortages in your community and beyond.

A big thanks to our partner for supporting this initiative


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