Pharmacies can help each other save

lives, even hundreds of miles away!

A FREE service to help mitigate drug shortages and PPE supplies among hospitals, due to COVID-19 disruptions.

“Borrow & Loan” is a tried and tested process for getting urgently needed meds transferred between hospitals.

But in the current pandemic, where dire circumstances require collaboration and creativity, how can we help hospitals extend their reach to other pharmacies who are willing to help?

At GraphiteRx, we built a solution that streamlines and digitizes the borrow and loan process.  Our cloud-based application is a FREE service to help pharmacies "borrow & loan" in their local community, as well as across the country.

What you can expect from us:

Trusted Matchmaking

Borrow & loan with a community of

verified hospital pharmacies

Compliance Friendly 

Requests are documented as

emergent patient needs

Better Tracking

Inventory accountability for

borrow & loan transfers

A big thanks to our partners for supporting this initiative:


We invite you to join this new alliance to help mitigate drug shortages and save patients’ lives, today.


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